The bonus section showcases content that for one reason or another doesn't belong in the any of the galleries. This could mean proof of concept studies from my research or something I found in my mourge or possibly even details from finished art so you can see how it was before being mangled by JPEG compression at 72dpi... This section will not be archived, it is only here until it gets replaced by an update. Some commentary will follow the featured piece, but I will not call out image area or media unless I feel it is warranted

Some monotone studies I've done for pieces which I fully rendered. They don't really belong with the final versions but I thought that you might enjoy them as omake

This is a treatment of Jake's Story (I did the cover for a book of the same title) that I decided to make as a tribute to Drew Strusen's work from the Indiana Jones series. I figured, the pose is already there, so is the big shadow... Might as well take it the rest of the way

As a deluxe-o bonus for you, here is a study for a white walker piece that I'm currently working on. Please look forward to it!