Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is your site called Afraid of Sunlight?

I like to work at night; not just because my monitors are calibrated for pitch black and that I can work for hours on end without interruptions but mostly because I am nocturnal by nature. I feel naked without my raybans. The SPF I need to avoid sunburn is a sweater. Also, it is the name of an album by my favorite band

Why does your art look so dark?

It should be visible on any properly calibrated monitor but for optimal viewing, surf my site at night, in the dark with the lights off. Burn some incense and play some mood music nice and loud. Have a drink or two, relax and spend some time with the art. You don't have to exhaust the site in one sitting...

What is the Character Design section about?

This gallery will focus upon designs for characters in video games or possibly films. The emphasis will be on costumes and unique looking characters to wear them. Basically, it will showcase my ability to depict textures. There may be overlap in the other galleries, particularly the portrait gallery but if you showed up looking for standard art then this may not be the gallery to visit...

Where can I find the old bonus sections?

Archived on my local drive and on CD. They're nowhere to be found on the site, they get clobbered every month so if you missed them STBY. If you want to see them all, I suggest you check back every month or you stop by the beach and ask me nicely

What happened to the Book of Counted Sorrows?

Because the subtle exhortations of my heart demanded a change; therefore we have Afraid of Sunlight. Because a website which doesn't update is a book. Because the old interface was vague. Because I feel differently now than I did when designed BOCS. And most importantly, because I felt like it

What happened to the Drama of Seasons?

I decided to update the site with a new look, which is Book of Counted Sorrows. Drama had a philosophy of small file size to accommodate the smaller bandwidth of dial up; the predominate connection type at the time. Now that cable modems and ISDN are becoming more popular, there is a fatter bandwidth to available... This means I can offer a more graphic heavy solution without slowing the load times down to a crawl, unless you are still using dial up. If that is the case, you can hardly blame me. Why should everyone with a decent pipe suffer on your behalf?

What happened to the original Holocaust Beach?

Holocaust Beach celebrated the new millennium by sinking beneath the waves, never again to surface until the stars are right

I don't understand your gallery structure, what is the difference between the Daydream and Nightmare galleries?

The distinction is somewhat arbitrary... The content in Daydream is meant to be somewhat whimsical in nature, whereas the subject matter of Nightmare would be more sinister; indeed many of the works featured are derived from my nightmares. That having been said, since I have no way of anticipating what you find disturbing there is no way to ensure that you'll find either gallery free of or full of material which may be offensive to you. Surf at your own risk/disappointment

How do you make digital art?

This question was already answered in the bonus section. Did you miss it? On general principles, the bonus section doesn't get archived but since it is next to impossible to answer this question without visual aids, I keep this one around. I have the two part overview here, with the caveat that this is not a tutorial but simply a high level description of my basic process. If you need a more granular discussion of technique, might I recommend Google? None of the procedures called out in the HLD are the product of my own research, so they are bound to be the subject of countless online tutorials. I prefer to spend my time creating more art for you, and find no compelling reason to reinvent the wheel. If you have a specific question, you might email me

You keep talking about scumbling, what is it?

The scumble technique I know involves oils and graphite, and is the strongest method for building value that I have ever encountered. I learned it from Stan Wilson, who learned it in turn from his mentor, Charles White. Charles White pioneered the notion, so I suppose that makes me third gen. Not satisfied with what I could learn in class, I took many special projects courses with Stan to secure my grasp of the scumble discipline

What do you mean when you call something omake?

Omake is a Japanese word that means extra. It generally indicates supplementary material that was needed to complete a work in progress, an alternative direction which was scrapped in favor of the final solution, a chibi version of the finished work, or unrelated work by the same artist. Defined here in the order it is most likely to appear in this bonus section...

Fine, now what does Chibi mean?

What's the matter with you? Don't you know how to use the Wikipedia? Chibi is one of the Japanese words for small, but in this instance it refers to a style which uses large heads and eyes with atrophied bodies and limbs. It is considered cute and is often utilized in supplementary (or omake) sections of manga

While often held in low regard by western artists, I believe that chibi is a perfectly valid form. It requires an economy of line and form which is perfectly capable of expressing an idea quite elegantly...

Nyu-yooku, ima nanji desuka?

Dodemoe. Ima biruji desu yo. Ikimashyo!

Aren't you actually Walter Sullivan?

Of course not. Walter Sullivan committed suicide over twenty years ago, so how could I possibly be him?

Why do you call it Holocaust Beach? Are you anti-Semitic?

I am so sick of people asking me that. Absolutely not. If you read my novel Deicide, you would understand exactly how I feel about Nazi Germany. Since you haven't, I will let you in on a little secret; The word "holocaust" existed before WWII. No, really! My trusty copy of Webster's defines it as "Thorough destruction, especially by fire." Even the Torah comforts us with Yahweh's promise that "The next time I end the world, I won't use water- I'll use fire instead..."

If Holocaust Beach were a movie, It would be set in the present day, filmed on location at Venice, or Malibu, or somewhere on the west coast. It would be directed by David Lynch, Starring Chow-Yun Fat, Vivien Leigh and Alex Ledante as the troubled artist who lives in the studio upstairs. It would address all the major issues of humanity, and the soundtrack would be done by Marillion. It would be dismissed by the critics but everybody would quote it, yet somehow nobody would ever get sick of it. While the film did not bring about world peace, it paved the way. Future generations would watch it and wonder how we could have lived in such barbaric times. Are we together? Great. Go look at the pretty pictures