In many ways, my heart rules my head. I tend to paint what I feel inspired and compelled to paint, which sometimes varies widely. At some times this results in recurring subjects and themes, but the diversity of my galleries reflects my varied interests... My online gallery is comprised of several collections and an assorted art section.

Fantasy Art

I sometimes dream of the world as a magical place; where fairies, angels, mermaids, and others take form in clear view. We live in a world I do not always understand; sometimes, I find myself compelled to paint a softer world that is shaped by my imagination.

Floral Art

There is very little to me that is as beautiful yet as fleeting in its beauty as a flower. I try to capture that beauty in my paintings. Initially inspired by my grandparent's garden, I have been drawing and painting flowers for as long as I can remember.

Assorted Art

There is beauty in so many places, sometimes I want to paint it all. Here are some assorted paintings that do not fit in any of the other categories. There are many animals in this section, but there are also hearts and other pieces.

Master Art Studies

Sometimes I study the art of master artists and some of my efforts are here. In some cases I use a master piece as more of a point of inspiration then a study... This is definitely a section I hope to expand, but while I am greatly inspired as an artist by master artworks, it is only sometimes reflected directly in my art.

Abstract Art

There is something in abstraction that pulls me in. Composing an abstract to me is like free form poetry. I am swayed by moods and colors and I let the piece take what form it may. Abstract art can fill me with a great joy.